Surviving is not living.

School would be so much better without the tests. Let’s be honest, all they really do is determine how capable we are at memorizing a bunch of information for a short amount of time. You and I both know that the majority of material we’re tested on leaves our brain the moment we finish the exam. And if it does so happen to “stick,” you have to wonder what use it will be in your life. More often than not, it’s information that we will never put to use. Education should be exciting. Children should WANT to learn more information each and every day. But we don’t want to learn what they’re teaching us. What they’re teaching us is a distraction. It occupies our minds so that we no longer are capable of thinking on our own. Throw enough empty information into the brains of children for the first twenty-something years of their life and you’ll notice they no longer have a desire to learn. They have no desire to seek knowledge on their own. What are we doing here? What is the point of our education system beyond preparing us for the “real world” of getting a job merely to be able to survive in this world?

I don’t want to just survive anymore, I want to live.